The Equitable Rare Rooster Welcomes You

Mr RareRooster's page has I do confess here been unchanged for what seems like the begining of time. I have my Sires being fettling and scribing periodically with the creation of pages for varied concerns but no need to put them here. And bretheren I do offer other excuses and reasonings I have for my negligence in creation.

That is I have moved to reside in the county of Sir Benfro in Cymru, and have been preccupied with exploring this and the attached counties, while dodging the pox that has befallen us all. Fortunatly no person has yet had the job of daubing a pox cross on my door, and I pray, long it shall remain that way.

And having learnt now how to ride the motorcycle, I have been exploring the many corners of Cymru on it almost daily. Let me leave you in no doubt whatsoever; to ride a motorcycle is probably the most fun thing you can ever do.

And I am now on the third refurbishment of the many houses of my only troublesome sibbling, who has at least probised me that she wont buy or dispose of any premises for a while.

So while this page is still laid up like a ham in a pantry seemingly for infinity, I still harbour the expectation that I will eventually remove my butt from this bench and actually do something online worth mention.

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